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High School Youth Mentoring Program
High School mentoring program that aims to address issues that cause low levels of achievement, low graduation rates, and high dropout rates among "between culture" youth.  The program provides early intervention, case management, crisis intervention, tutorial support and referrals.

"Les Léopards"

A Champion PathWays Soccer Club

offering opportunities

for great community spirit,

interaction and celebration

as it carries on an African winning tradition!

The Team leadership promotes

character development and cultivates

healthy and successful life choices.

Proud and humble at the same time,

remembering where we have come from! 


Youth Services 

PatWays improves the quality of life for African youth through supporting and enhancing social, educational and economic opportunities.

Mentoring + Enrichment

+ Creative Self-Expression

+ Character Development + Education

+ Economic Capacity Building

= The PathWays Solution

Congo HipHop.jpg


PathWays will advance, nurture and sustain the giftedness and creative self-expression of African young people helping to inspire and develop their full potential. "AFRICAN EXPRESSIONS" provides educational programs, training, performances and activities that enrich our communities and engage audiences.

  • Painting and Drawing.

  • Sculpting.

  • Drama.

  • Music.

  • Dance.

  • Creative Writing.

  • Photography.

  • Spoken Word.

  • Oratory.


YOUR Freedom and Future

DayBreak is a dynamic substance abuse and alcohol prevention and intervention program that offers counseling, case management, workshops and referrals specifically for youth of African descent.

Almost 25% of high school students in America use at least one type of illicit drug. Addiction to drugs, including alcohol, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, marijuana, opioids, hallucinogens, and other substances, is one of the biggest problems families must deal with today — especially among teens, college students, and other young people. The freedom and future of our young people relates to an intentional choice to live free of drugs and alcohol; to make the very best choices in favor of their brightest future; and to hold to their strongest sense of personal identity and valuing of self.

College & Career


The PathWays College & Career Opportunities Program is a comprehensive year-long program that assists High School Juniors and Seniors with their college academic readiness and success. This unique program and its innovative curriculum design includes tutoring (English, Math & Science, Social Sciences), training in Advanced English Writing, Business & Technical Communications, Essay Writing, Reading, Leadership Development, SAT/ACT Preparation, College Admissions, FAFSA, Scholarship Applications as well as providing college coaching and mentorship services for the first year of college. 

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