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PathWays Together believes that Indianapolis is a city of remarkable Hoosier hospitality where everyone has food, voice, economic opportunities and a safe place to call home. We have come to realize that African refugees and immigrants love their new home. With just a little bit of help, they will become vital contributing citizens and community builders of an incredible future for this city and state.


For this vision, we come alongside individuals, families and communities, helping them to apply their greatest potential, establish themselves and achieve their own dreams.  


They are eagerly learning English and making new friends. They are proving to be some of the hardest workers and working some of the hardest labor jobs available to them. Their children are attending school each day, hungry to learn and dreaming big. As refugee families who are grateful to be far from the conflict that forced them to flee, they have a deep motivation to succeed and make their new lives count toward an enduring American future.


You are so crucial to the vision and mission of PathWays Together.

TOGETHER, we can extend the investment of our hearts and efforts into truly making a difference where it matters most, where hope is given a bit more of a chance and where we all have the satisfaction of knowing that we acted in favor of someone trying so hard with determination to make it.  

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