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Workforce Development 

PathWays workforce and employment initiatives aim to deliver targeted education, training, and employment support services that allow people to improve their opportunities in life. PathWays offers quality career and employment services that enhance the skills, performance and potential of individuals, leading to meaningful employment in desired career pathways.


Career Services

  PathWays provides customized, people-centered professional development services leading to portable skills and enhanced employability for diverse individuals: unemployed and under-employed adults, African immigrants in particular/other immigrants in general, workers aged 55+, returning/re-entering citizens, veterans and youth.


Case Management:

     Through a collaborative process of planning, advocacy and coordination of services, job developers work with our clients to help remove barriers to employment such as language, lack of transportation, housing, legal services, or proper nutrition.


English Language Proficiency:

     In recognition that many immigrants, refugees and asylees are vulnerable economically, socially, and marginalized in their capacity to gain equal access to so many opportunities for employment and advancement, PathWays offers a dynamic and ongoing cycle/series of practical English courses. PathWays offers three Certifications in English Language proficiency (General Access/Life Skills English, Employment/Functional English, Advanced English Proficiency).  


Work-Based Training:

     Opportunities include occupational skills training for in-demand industries, on-the-job training for specific occupations, customized training developed for specific employers. PathWays assists individuals in entering and advancing in their desired career path in all industry sectors.


Credentialing & Certifications:

     Career counseling and financial assistance to pursue education and/or occupational training that produces credentials, licenses, and certifications that are portable—accepted across employers, occupations, or regions—to increase employability and opportunities.

Job Placement and Retention Services:

     In partnership with a variety of employers, PathWays assists with job placement. After placement, our job developers continue to work with employee and employer to ensure performance improvement and job retention.  Coaching, mentoring, ongoing skills assessment and enhancement and career planning are services offered to promote retention. 


   PathWays mentoring programs target two groups: youth 14-17 and 18-26 years of age entering and/or re-entering the workforce. Mentoring increases the chances of job retention and high school graduation. Our mentors provide support and positive role modeling for participants facing new challenges, life transitions, and career decisions. These mutually beneficial relationships drive learning and development for both mentors and mentees.

Business & Employer Services

  PathWays builds and maintains relationships with a network of employers, providing them with skilled, pre-evaluated job candidates ready to begin working. Our job developers specialize in understanding each employer’s unique requirements and preparing candidates with the needed skills and qualifications. PathWays also creates sector partnerships to prepare qualified candidates for multiple employers within an industry. PathWays provides business/employer services at no charge.

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