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Education & Personal Development 

PathWays promotes the crucial value and competitive advantage of providing high quality education and learning opportunities; developing and inspiring an internal passion and avid curiosity toward becoming lifelong learners, and offering experiences that grow and expand the knowledge, perspectives and paradigms of our participants and communities. PathWays provides a wide range of education  opportunities designed to promote and enhance lifelong learning, healthy living and employability for eligible individuals and families.

UNICEF Tanzania Humanitarian SitRep (Bur

African children who have only known the "Refugee Camp" School reality, need a lot of support and individual tutoring and help to adjust to the modern American schoolroom and context.

  PathWays "Early Childhood" program provides comprehensive child development services to economically disadvantaged children and families, with a special focus on helping preschoolers develop the early reading and math skills they need to be successful in school. The program promotes school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children through the provision of educational, health, nutritional, social and other services to enrolled children and families. We engage our parents in their children’s learning and help them in making progress toward their own educational, literacy and employment goals. 


Occupational/Personal Health and Safety Training

   PathWays Health and Safety programs provide occupational education and workplace training, information on diverse workplace dangers/considerations (hearing loss prevention, eye protection, chemical dangers, back care, heat/cold stress, safety policies and procedures…), policies and procedures specific to their places of employment, legal protections, communications/reporting structures – chain of command… 

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Educational Support

   PathWays provides school supplies specific to High School students who may have needs that exceed what the schools provide. PathWays also will provide exceptional High School tutoring support and mentorship to come along side students toward academic achievement, college prep and overall success.

College/University Support

   PathWays provides small amounts of funding for books and supplies beyond what is provided by the institution of their choice. PathWays also will provide technical help and support in applying for grants and scholarships specific to pursuit of higher education opportunities.

Early Childhood Education/Development Program

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