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Small Business Lending and Technical Assistance to

Emerging Entrepreneurs and Enterprises


The PathWays Strategic Entrepreneurial/Enterprise Development Center (SEED Center) provides help with completing important steps in applying for small business loans. We will further assess proposed business ideas, help in the development of a good business plan and help in identifying available options, professional consulting and other resources in taking the necessary steps to bring small business dreams into reality. In some cases, where someone is unnable to qualify for financing from conventional lenders, including micro loans for startups and larger loans for established businesses - we will do our best to find solutions. SEED Center also leverages, offers small business support and technical assistance targeted to the particular needs of beginning businesses and existing businesses that are unable to get financing elsewhere.


Enterprise Development 

PathWays embraces, develops and radiates an entrepreneurial drive to live new dreams, celebrate hard-won success toward becoming a community builder. The health and strength of one's future is measured by their commitment and participation, enacted actions toward economic development and capacity building.

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