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Community Development 

PathWays creates opportunities for people to live and work in thriving, diverse communities from which they can create family assets and access robust community services. The health and strength of a neighborhood is measured by the commitment and participation of its residents, business owners and community partners.


Development of Affordable Rental and For-Sale Homes

   The PathWaysDevelopment Corporation (PDC) is our own very active non-profit real estate development arm.  Our PDC work includes preservation, new construction, adaptive reuse/repurpose and mixed-use property development. We work with community partners, non-profits, service providers, private developers and government officials to design and build housing that is affordable, accessible and seamlessly integrated into the local communities.  Affordable and safe housing is offered to qualified individuals, families, seniors and special needs populations.


Property Management of Affordable Residential Communities

   The PathWaysProperty Management Corporation (PMC) is an industry leader in the affordable housing market serving as the property management company for our rental property portfolio. We are a non-profit, full service property management company. The PathWays Property Management team is knowledgeable in the day-to-day property management operations necessary to be successful in this competitive market. We have a clear understanding of the compliance, marketing, and maintenance regulations that are mandated by a number of different funding agencies. We take pride in reducing common barriers to affordable housing and presenting opportunities to those in need. PathWays Management Corporation is an equal housing opportunity provider.


Neighborhood Revitalization

   PatheWays Neighborhood Revitalization recognizes the holistic nature of neighborhood priorities to create change across multiple sectors. In order to create change that leads to an improved quality of life, PathWays has embraced the “Quality of Life Framework” of Habitat for Humanity. The “Quality of Life Framework” was developed to serve as a customizable and comprehensive approach to understand how the ultimate goal of an improved quality of life can be achieved in a neighborhood. The Quality of Life Framework has been adopted by PathWays, as the basis and hypothesis on how systemic and sustainable change happens in a neighborhood. 

In order to create change that leads to an improved quality of life, community efforts focus on three foundational outcomes: 

  1. Sense of community: Identifying with the neighborhood, feeling connected and supporting one another.

  2. Social cohesion: Being willing and able to work together.

  3. Collective action: Sustaining ongoing projects and advocacy efforts.

Focusing on the three foundational outcomes increases motivation and capacity to overcome barriers to sustainable change. PathWays seeks to further embrace our mission by collaborating with local residents and partners to maximize resources and improve quality of life in targeted neighborhoods.

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